Using the Network at Home

Because MassBroadband 123 is an open network, Internet Service Providers can connect to it to extend fiber Internet service into Western Massachusetts communities.

Many rural Massachusetts residents who previously only had access to dial-up Internet can now have fiber Internet available to them in their homes through one of our Participating Service Providers.

Everything you love, only faster:

  • Now everyone in the household can get what they love with no lag time or memory issues. Simultaneously stream all the HD videos, movies and TV shows you want.
  • Your video chat won't drop or fail with high-performance fibre Internet. Premium reliability keeps you connected with solid, dependable WiFi.
  • Upload photos 1000x faster, transfer large files and share documents with anyone, anywhere. Symmetrical uploads and downloads, in the blink of an eye.
  • With speedy downloads and no more dropped connections, game all you want with multi-player online games.
  • Monitor your home from anywhere with HD security cameras, and control your smart household remotely for energy savings and security.

Using the Network at Work

Get more done on a speed-of-light fiber Internet connection!

Internet like you've never seen it before - as fast as it gets, and reliable as reliable can be. Fiber promises all the Mbps you order, all the time - regardless of weather, time of day or whether your data is coming or going. 

  • Unlimited file size with unprecedented speed
  • Flawless HD videoconferencing
  • Cloud computing efficiencies - Reduce IT costs with scalability in the cloud. Improve collaboration, connect wtih regional and remote colleagues, and store data for less. 
  • Monitor your assets from anywhere with HD security cameras, or control your office remotely for energy savings and security. 
  • Transmit large data and image files that ordinary email can’t handle
  • Backup and store critical data so your information is always there when you need it

How to Connect to the MassBroadband 123 Network

1. If you're one of the 1,200 community anchor institutions currently connected to the MassBroadband 123 network you simply need to contact a service provider to obtain a price quote for taking service over the network.

2. If your organization is located in the same building as a community anchor institution currently connected to the MassBroadband 123 network, contact one of our service providers to obtain an estimate for making a direct connection from the network to your establishment.

3. If you're located in close proximity to the MassBroadband 123 network, an ISP can construct network extensions or lateral connections from the network to your building and install the necessary equipment. An ISP or can provide a cost estimate for constructing an extension to the network. The quote will depend on:
  • The distance between the building location and the closest network splice point;
  • The costs associated with attaching fiber to utility poles: and
  • The desired level of Internet service. 
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